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Addressing the concerns that follow a motorcycle crash

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2022 | Motorcycle Accidents

Autumn is a great time to be a motorcyclist in Virginia. The heat of summer dissipates and fall color abounds making your scenic ride even more special. Still, other motorists may not be paying attention to motorcycles in their vicinity and could easily strike one.

Motorists must notice motorcycles

Motorists in Virginia must practice motorcycle awareness this time of year. Motorcycles are smaller than automobiles and can be difficult to see. An inattentive driver could easily miss a motorcyclist, causing a collision. In addition, motorists who fail to check their blind spot, who drive aggressively, who misjudge how fast a motorcyclist is travelling or who are impaired can easily strike a motorcyclist.

Motorcycle crashes can be catastrophic

Motorcycle crashes can be catastrophic for the motorcyclist struck. Motorcycles do not offer the same protective features automobiles have, such as seatbelts and crumple zones. Simply put, there is not much separating a motorcyclist from the pavement if they are struck by a car.

If you were injured in a motorcycle wreck, you will likely have many questions moving forward. How will you pay your medical bills? Make up for lost wages? And how will you handle the many additional expenses that come with a serious injury?

Many people in such situations find it is helpful to work with an attorney following a motorcycle crash. At Sethi & Sledd, PLC we understand the many concerns victims of motorcycle crashes have. We provide representation to those who need a voice following a motorcycle crash so that their best interests are protected.