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The potentially catastrophic impact of a drunk driving accident

On Behalf of | May 30, 2023 | Drunk Driving Injuries

Drunk driving is, unfortunately, common in Virginia and throughout the country. Indeed, DUIs are probably among the top criminal cases in most states. Everyone knows that it is a crime to drive while intoxicated which, in and of itself, can lead to serious consequences for the driver. But, sometimes we forget about the potentially catastrophic impact of drunk driving on other motorists as well – when drunk driving leads to motor vehicle accidents.

Drunk driving statistics

The statistics about drunk driving in America are, quite frankly, fairly shocking. For example, statistics kept by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that, on average, about every 39 minutes someone dies in America due to a drunk driving accident. That’s approximately 36 people every single day. If that number sounds incredibly high, just consider this: it’s all because someone, somewhere, makes the decision to get behind the wheel of a vehicle after consuming alcohol – a totally voluntary choice.

More shocking still, the statistics seem to show that the problem is getting worse, not better. In one recent year alone – 2021 – the statistics show that nearly 13,400 people died in America due to drunk driving accidents. That number represents a 14% increase from the total number recorded from the year before, 2020.

Of course, causing a fatality isn’t the only risk involved in drunk driving. Motor vehicle accidents caused by drunk drivers can lead to serious or even catastrophic injuries for other people as well – life-changing injuries that the victims and their families might have to deal with for years to come. If you have been injured in a car accident caused by a drunk driver, you may have a valid legal claim to explore.