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Trusted Legal Counsel For Serious Burn Injuries

Burn injuries should never be taken lightly. At Sethi & Sledd, PLLC, our Virginia and DC burn injury lawyers realize that clients with such injuries have suffered a traumatic and horrifying experience. Your accident may have even resulted in a catastrophic injury that will cause lifelong damage. A lawsuit will not undo the damage, but it can help with medical bills and force the accountable party to take responsibility.

Common types of burns include:

  • Electrical: These burns result from electrical sockets or faulty technology.
  • Fire: This is what people typically associate with burns. This covers a wide variety of situations, including stoves, Bunsen burners, building fires or even an explosion.
  • Chemical: Certain chemicals can cause severe burns and infection if they contact the skin. These often occur to employees who work with hazardous materials.

Should You Pursue Legal Action?

It is crucial that you discuss your burn injury case with a lawyer as you may be able to recover compensation. If you have suffered damage from a fire or other burn hazard, it may be due to human error or faulty machinery, which can be grounds for a lawsuit.

Sethi & Sledd, PLLC accepts nearly all cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning you will not pay any attorney’s fees unless we recover compensation on your behalf. Our goal is to help clients, which means easing your burden and obtaining compensation to help with your medical bills.

Get A Reputable Firm On Your Side

Our firm is known throughout Virginia and DC as a highly competent and professional legal team. We maintain positive relationships with defense counselors in order to move cases quickly with easy communication. When we take a client’s case, they can rest assured it will be handled by detail-oriented and passionate attorneys. From our office in Reston, we assist injured clients throughout Northern Virginia, including Arlington, Fairfax and Loudoun counties, as well as Washington, D.C.

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