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Sethi & Sledd, PLLC Takes Unscrupulous Legal Practices Seriously

As lawyers, we are held to high professional and ethical standards. Sethi & Sledd, PLLC takes accusations of legal malpractice very seriously. In our 30+ combined years of experience, although rare, we unfortunately have seen attorneys provide less than professional legal services to their clients.

If you believe that your lawyer has failed to act in a reasonably competent matter, speak with one of our legal malpractice attorneys in Virginia.

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What Is Legal Malpractice?

Legal malpractice occurs when an attorney fails to meet the minimum standard of care and, in doing so, causes you financial harm.

The following are some examples of legal malpractice:

  • If your attorney missed a deadline resulting in your case being dismissed
  • If your attorney did not achieve the likely outcome because they were handling a legal matter that was not part of their specialty
  • If your attorney failed to apply the correct laws to your claim
  • If your attorney lost your file, documents or evidence

We Want To Restore Your Trust In The Legal System

We stand ready to evaluate your legal malpractice claim. Our legal malpractice lawyers in Virginia usually work on contingency fees, meaning you may not have to pay us anything unless you receive financial recovery from the case.

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