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What is “dooring?” How the roads can be safer for cyclists

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

A popular form of transportation is cycling. People bike for many reasons, such as getting daily exercise, because it’s cheaper than owning a car or because it’s environmentally friendly. However, roads are made with motor vehicles in mind. There are often very few streets that have dedicated bike lanes. And, some people believe that cyclists should not have any access to roads.

As a result of this belief, many negligent drivers cause cyclists to suffer severe and fatal injuries. This can happen when a driver makes a turn without checking for cyclists. Or, a driver failing to share the road with a cyclist. One common kind of biking injury is called “dooring.”

Dooring is an accident that’s caused when a driver or passenger opens their door in the path of a cyclist. This can cause a cyclist to hit the door and fly off their bike. Cyclists don’t have a lot of ways to protect themselves if they are in an accident, so injuries can lead to long-term disabilities and death.

One way dooring can be reduced is by using the “Dutch Reach” method. Here’s what you should know:

How to use the “Dutch Reach”

The Dutch Reach is a simple method to reduce cycling accidents that, once used, becomes natural for many people. Many people use their closest hand when opening a car door from the inside. The Dutch Reach has people use their furthest hand to open a car door. This allows for the upper body to swivel, making people naturally look at the side mirror and over their shoulders for oncoming cyclists.   

While the Dutch Reach can save many lives, very few people know that they should be doing it. Many cyclists still end up with severe and fatal injuries from dooring. Those injured or suffering a loss may need to learn about their legal options.