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Why taller vehicles are dangerous for pedestrians 

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2024 | Pedestrian Accidents

Modern vehicles are fitted with various safety devices that are intended to protect drivers. Unfortunately, however, the safety of pedestrians in vehicle design is often neglected. 

Taller vehicles such as SUVs have become much more popular in recent years, and it is no coincidence that, with the rise in these vehicles, there has been an increase in pedestrian accidents.  

Why do taller vehicles pose more of a threat to pedestrians? Here are some possible reasons:

More significant blind spots 

Every vehicle has blind spots. These are areas around the vehicle in which the driver’s view is restricted. Mirrors and cameras can improve this somewhat, but there is no quick fix. The blind spots on taller vehicles are also much more prominent. 

Areas to pay particular attention to include directly in front and behind the vehicle, as these are the areas most likely to come into contact with pedestrians. In a taller vehicle, when a pedestrian is crossing either in front of or behind the vehicle, it is much less likely that the driver spots them. 

A location that warrants attention is parking lots. Many people think of parking lots as safe spaces where accidents never happen, but this isn’t true. Parking lots are busy environments where small vehicles, tall vehicles, motorcycles, pedestrians, cyclists and children all come together in a confined space. 

The extent of the injuries 

Another reason taller vehicles are more dangerous for pedestrians is that accidents with this vehicle type generally involve more significant injuries. Smaller cars tend to have sloped fronts and hoods, meaning that a pedestrian could roll onto the vehicle in the event of an accident, potentially avoiding being run over. With taller vehicles, the outcome is likely to be much different. Taller vehicles generally have vertical fronts and hoods, which means a pedestrian will be run over in the event of an accident, leading to much more severe injuries.

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