Fighting For Your Rights

Fighting For Safer Roads For Bicyclists

Bicycle riding is a great way to stay in shape and take care of the environment. To protect cyclists, there are a number of laws regulating driver safety when sharing the road. If these rules are breached causing you to suffer an injury, you need to discuss your case with a seasoned Virginia and DC bicycle accident lawyer.

At Sethi & Sledd, PLLC, we have extensive experience handling bicycle accidents and can help you pursue your options after an accident.

Your Rights As A Cyclist

In Virginia, bicycles are allowed on most roads just as cars. But, of course, a cyclist has far less protection from injury in a collision than the driver of a car. As such, it is imperative for drivers to follow the proper safety standards to avoid causing catastrophic injury.

The following are a few examples of driver negligence:

  • Drifting into bike lanes
  • Attempting a left turn against an oncoming bicycle
  • Crowding a cyclist
  • Ignoring a cyclist’s turn signals
  • Opening a car door without checking for bicyclists

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